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The South Dakota Board of Nursing and the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners have been trying for almost two decades to stop Judy Jones – who received her training through apprenticeship and self-study – from practicing her own variation of “spiritual midwifery” which amounts to what I call home birth hocus pocus.

Sadly, when these unsafe practices result in maternal or infant death, rather than demanding justice, her client families protect Judy and defend her to the authorities. Because they believe the adverse outcomes are God’s will.

The child, Eli Fenske, started having medical problems shortly after he was born, but investigators say Jones failed to perform follow-up tests and did not contact a doctor when the child stopped breathing.

…As the article points out, this is not the first time Judy has been arrested and in fact, she has served time in prison after the South Dakota Supreme Court found her in willful violation of the prohibition against practicing midwifery without a license.

What’s relevant is the degree of danger to which fundamentalist women will subject ourselves and our children in order to live out the unreasonable demands of a movement which really only values us for our fertility and the ability to produce a quiver full of arrows – i.e., more sons to perpetuate the patriarchy.Of all the extreme choices I made while in thrall to the “radically pro-life” Quiverfull philosophy of trusting my reproductive life to God, my decision to attempt a home birth after three c-sections was probably the most dangerous and irresponsible.Because I had made the commitment to welcome every pregnancy as an unmitigated gift from the Lord, and because I also believed that accepting government assistance in the form of Medicaid was tantamount to trusting Caesar to provide for the health and wellbeing of my babies, I desperately sought an alternative to the expensive surgical deliveries.She told me about the time when the children of Israel were wandering the in the desert ~ and the Lord was providing for their every need ~ even raining down manna from heaven for them to eat.But the Israelites grew tired and impatient ~ and greedy.

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