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The largest of the Fox Theatres is the Detroit Fox Theatre, which was fully restored in 1988 and is used as a performing arts center.

Other Fox theatres which have been restored and adapted for drama and music include those in Seattle and Saint Louis; also Tucson, Arizona, which reopened in January 2006 after being closed for thirty-two years; Hutchinson, Kansas, reopened in 1999; Oakland, California, reopened in February 2009; and Fullerton, California, where a non-profit community project is restoring the theatre.

In a survey conducted by GQ Magazine in 2010, it was found that nearly 70% of single men attributed their marital status to the fact that they simply hadn't found someone who suits their liking.

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Fox and Feather is one of our secret favourites, located close to the entrance of the Phoenix Park - and it's where you're headed for lunch today.

Take a look: The gorgeous little café concentrates on light breakfast and lunch options, with the menu including sandwiches like the Little John (prosciutto with roasted red pepper, white cheddar, salami rocket and homemade olive tapenade).

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