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The meaning and references in the song have long provoked debate.

In a July 20, 1972 interview for Rolling Stone, Jon Landau asked Simon: "What is it that the mama saw?

Numerous witnesses in the area called in and reported what they saw to police, Skrabek said.

“Officers are still going through a large amount of footage, a large amount of witness statements,” she said.

A 17-year-old boy and two 14-year-old girls have been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder, police said.

On Thursday, the victim was being fondly remembered at his former school St. “It was a student that was very involved in the school,” Radean Carter from the Winnipeg School Division told CTV Winnipeg.

along with a girl who backed him up singing "Dance dance dance all right/dance dance dance all right/Everybody dance," etc.

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Jordan Thomas, 18, died from multiple stab wounds during an altercation outside David Livingstone School just before a.m. His brother was also stabbed multiple times during the assault and remains in critical condition in hospital, Const.

Didn't make any difference to me." This implies that Simon left the crime up to the imagination of the listener, allowing each person who listens to the song to draw their own conclusion from their own thoughts and experiences.

This has not stopped speculation on a definite interpretation: commentators have detected references to recreational drug use, and believe that the mother saw the boy buying drugs.

Many of the children featured in the video were from that same school.

It features an introduction by hip hop emcees (and then-fellow Warner Bros.

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