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He seemed to always have many brilliant, beautiful, philosophical ideas on the tip of his tongue, and he could always seem to weave them elegantly into everyday conversation.Jason Silva is a public speaker, TV personality, and filmmaker.And in “Bride of the Living Dummy,” he decided to get hitched to a comely, if psychotic, doll named Mary-Ellen, a relationship that doomed them both. If ventriloquist dummies already give you goosebumps, Slappy may make you break out in hives. He wrote two songs that ended up on the record — “Helpless” and “Country Girl: Whiskey Boot Hill / Down, Down, Down.” He also co-wrote the ending track, “Everybody I Love You,” with Stills.

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It's time to get started with making progress on the Architect Registration Exam.

All four seasons of IF this is true, I commend our intelligence agency, which has helped thwart and avoid many possible attacks for many years.

These stories may not always get front page headlines, but I believe they do a good job overall to prevent untold numbers of attacks from occurring.

He often refers to himself as a Futurist—by systematically exploring the possibilities of the future and how they can grow from the present moment with life, humans, or even technology.

Two years ago, Jason Silva started putting out 2-minute videos of him talking about philosophical ideas, mixed with emotional music and HD footage—called Shots of Awe.

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