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Vaňková started dancing at age 11, doing freestyle dancing and battling, then later began teaching choreography.

When she was 14 she started dancing with the dance crew Out of Bounds, where she learned to dance hip hop, and as an individual, learned popping and locking techniques, among other styles.

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He asserted that the light ray is focused, but the actual explanation of how light projected to the back of the eye had to wait til 1604.

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Natural philosophy has its origins in Greece during the Archaic period, (650 BCE – 480 BCE), when pre-Socratic philosophers like Thales rejected non-naturalistic explanations for natural phenomena and proclaimed that every event had a natural cause.

Islamic scholarship had inherited Aristotelian physics from the Greeks and during the Islamic Golden Age developed it further, especially placing emphasis on observation and a priori reasoning, developing early forms of the scientific method.

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