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On this call wives share cogent dialogue in the spirt of educating and supporting each other in their struggles with the impact of a partner’s sex addiction.

This call also features periodic educational lectures from time to time by GYE educator and addiction interventionist, Malka.

To get access to this forum, please sign up here and then contact us with your username and request access. This conference call has local call-in numbers from any country!

There’s a funny and great scene in Jackie Brown with Robert De Niro and Bridget Fonda in the kitchen. When writing a letter, it would have been very well considered, well-written and rather articulate because the lovers wouldn’t have seen each other in months.

Bridget Fonda’s character is showing De Niro’s character pictures stuck on a fridge. There was no warning that could happen, especially since the woman in question is someone else’s girlfriend, Samuel L Jackson. Social media has given rise to the instantisation of everything. Absence and the scarcity of communication resulted in lovers creating perceptions of their lovers that may not have been real, but it worked. In the past one could be very well considered when writing a letter and create a different perception of who they are.

My apologies to those who did not pay attention in English class.

People fall in love faster because emotions are fingertips away. Because social media makes people feel comfortable quicker, they may also give it up quicker.

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