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The report by market research group Mintel forecasts that the market will continue its strong growth to reach £225m by 2019, but warns that concerns over safety and online abuse must be addressed.With Valentine’s Day arriving on Saturday, online dating brands have been particularly active in recent weeks in advertising their services to singletons.General public tickets go on sale December 18th at 10am. ,” bellows a shirtless Larry Guerin, a six-time KISS Kruise attendee as he races onto the Norwegian Pearl ship, docked in the Port of New Orleans, sporting a mile-wide smile on his face and seven KISS tattoos filling prime real estate on his back.

This trend is partly driven by a rise in the number of single people within the population.

This demographic trend has coincided with an explosion of online dating brands seeking to meet different dating needs.

Mintel analyst Rebecca Mc Grath also points out that popular apps such as Tinder, Grindr and Hinge have tapped into wider mobile and social networking habits in order to drive acceptance.

“The popularity of free dating apps has made a big impact on online dating over the last several years by dispelling perceptions, opening up online dating to a new market and driving mobile usage,” she says.

Established subscription dating sites and e Harmony have the greatest brand awareness, with 81% and 76% of over-18s having heard of them, respectively.

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