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She is blonde and striking, with vivid violet contact lenses and the artificially plumped lips of the expensively groomed. Last week she had a date with a banker — or rather, a man claiming to be a banker. He changed me into a butterfly.” As soon as her teeth are straightened, Sharmaine plans to have work done on her nose. And Kati, a 21-year-old ­Estonian, suggests that is precisely the appeal for sugar babies like her.

A few months ago she was working in a “crappy job” at a smoothie stall in Manchester. The rest of the time we have the apartment to ourselves.” And the ­freedom to see other sugar daddies. She says: “It was a Friday, but he kept ­talking about having to be up for work the next day. She joined the site after ­having her heart broken by her former boyfriend and says: “Sometimes sugar daddies fade away too, and you do feel left behind, but it’s still not as bad as being rejected by someone you like. It’s safer.” She disagrees that it is verging on prostitution and says: “That’s when you have a client, you have sex and go. “They are not personal relationships exactly, but you spend time together, talk every day.

’ I was sugaring and I didn’t even know it.” Money, she says, is just the life-enhancing culmination of all the qualities she finds attractive in a partner, including “ambition, intelligence and being organised”.Twenty-one years ago this week the first copies of loaded (always lower case ‘L’) magazine were being shipped to newsagents around Britain.The launch edition of the magazine I had dubbed ‘For Men Who Should Know Better’ cost 95p, had a portrait of Gary Oldman beneath a new-fangled fluro orange logo, featured stories on Eric Cantona, Paul Weller, a travel story about a man whose ‘bird’ was possibly eaten by a shark and photos of a young actress called Liz Hurley in see-through lace underwear.So far, it appears to be phenomenally popular, with a claimed 5.5million members in 139 countries.The daddies pay premium rates to join — £50 per month – while the sugar babies join for free, posting sexy pictures of themselves beside profiles that state their lifestyle expectation.

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