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Nancy Pelosi is slated Thursday to become the first female elected speaker of the House of Representatives.Many of the same conservative Republican commentators and bloggers who used this past campaign to raise the threat of her "San Francisco values" steering Congress hard to the left are turning their sights on 66-year-old Paul Pelosi and his investments as a way of attacking the new Democratic speaker.And yet: If volcanic winter is off the table, then you probably have to pull for Mc Connell.

It will also boost candidates with traditional GOP profiles and excoriate those tied to Bannon, with plans to spend millions and launch a heavy social media presence in some states.and then hand it over to a slightly more xenophobic family of libertarian billionaires.They decry the Republican Party for selling out the working class, then assail it for failing to take health insurance away from 20 million people.The former White House adviser’s appeals to economic “populism” ring similarly hollow.Bannon has called for higher taxes on the rich, New Deal–style public-works projects, and tighter regulation of Silicon Valley giants.

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