Dating erotic fingernail long story woman

I gasped as she rode out the tenderness and sensitivity before gently pressing the toy against my prostate one long, last time.My teeth chattered, my cock splattered, my body writhed as I gripped the damp, twisted sheets with white knuckles until I begged her to stop.Mia was young and lean, in soft pink panties and no bra, her boyish breasts already glistening from the heat.“It’s nothing to be nervous about,” she said and, something in the tone of her voice – a calm, steady presence – made me believe her.“That’s right, baby, here it comes…” The pressure was intense as the tip of the vibrator, much thicker than her finger, slid past my virgin threshold. ” she asked, sliding it in, then out, then in, then out. I could feel it throbbing inside me, deep inside, as the thrilling sensation of being violated made my cock throb and leak. I felt the pressure between my legs intensify as she pressed the toy deeper, deeper, until I flinched and felt a glorious ooze of warmth spread from the chestnut sized prostate that hid deep inside.

When at last she used her right hand to grab my tender staff, it leapt at the touch.“Someone’s ready for this birthday party to begin,” she murmured, licking her lips as she began to stroke me in earnest.“He’s been ready all morning,” I murmured, watching her expert hands turn my flaccid cock into something glistening, throbbing and magnificent.I gasped and squirmed and, instinctively, she used the opportunity to guide it all the way in. I had never lasted this longer before, and credited Mia’s tender hands and gentle pace for the accomplishment.But I knew it wouldn’t be long now and, from the way my body was reacting – flushed skin, trembling limbs, leaking cock, panting breath, little moans and whimpers – Mia knew it, too. Come for me, come on baby…” As her voice grew hoarse and distant I could feel the orgasm swelling, hot and thick and powerful.

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