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This is a day shot, color balance is quite good and it’s just a nice sharp clear image.This is taken in the late afternoon, the harsh sun shining towards the camera.You can see that the date/time is black when over the concrete and white over the grass. The image setup screen is where you fine tune the image, select WDR and noise reduction settings.

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Some of you may be trying to compare this to the similar looking Dahua cameras, IPC-HFW2100 sold as Q-See 720 IR Bullet currently at Costco for 9 for a 2-pack that I previously reviewed HERE. There’s the obvious difference that the Dahua is 720P and this is 1080P.

I think everyone has a sick side to them, I certainly do and I would not say for one second this isn't highly pleasurable to watch.. THIS here is just not right, it looks like an eating disordner or something.

I have to ask why you clicked on it in the first place, noting the preview image and all.. Women should rather have a few pounds more than a few pounds less.

With WDR set moderately low, you can see the tire tread in the shadow of the car. This is actually one of the better WDR implementations I’ve seen at any price. Good contrast, small amount of noise, good IR coverage.

Since there’s streetlights I have no control over, I also mounted the camera in my backyard which is only lit by the moon.

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