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, there have been 387 seasons of Big Brother in over 54 franchise countries and regions.

In the show, contestants called "housemates" (or "house guests") live together in a specially-constructed house that is isolated from the outside world.

Contestants occasionally develop sexual relationships; the level of sexual explicitness allowed to be shown in broadcast and Internet-feed varies according to the country's broadcasting standards.

The tasks are designed to test their teamwork abilities and community spirit.

The format has become an international TV franchise.

While each country or region has its own variation, the common theme is that the contestants are confined to the house and have their every action recorded by cameras and microphones, and that no contact with the outside world is permitted.

In some countries, Internet broadcasting was supplemented by updates via email, WAP and SMS.

The house is shown live on satellite television, although in some countries there is a 10–15 minute delay to allow libelous or unacceptable content (such as references to people not participating in the program who have not consented to having personal information broadcast) to be removed.

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