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As he was just about to make his move I practically body-blocked him by forcing my way in-between him and a young lady who was boarding the bus, and whose bag he was reaching for. With my own laptop and sidebag firmly in my grip, I stared at him letting him know that I KNEW what he was doing.

Everybody else had their backs to him as they, too, were boarding. He back off some more, having given up on that attempt, but he lingered a bit more until a second bus appeared…. Then slowly, he moved out of my field of vision–behind a tree—and soon disappeared.

As the bus pulls in to pick up passengers, the crowd of people waiting will rush towards the door. Using the chaos, single-minded focus, and distraction of people pushing and shoving attempting to board the bus, the perp will swoop up behind his “mark,” (victim) employ a “slash” or a “grab and run.”I think what I saw the first time was a bag slashing.

Having watched where his mark places her purse, the perp will walk up, and use a blade to slash the bottom of the handbag and the purse will slide out.

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I caught on to what he was doing just a split second AFTER he made the grab, so I didn’t actually see it happen.'Gym lover' turned philanthropist Jenny Baker has successfully raised enough money to help a homeless man return to his native Jamaica, after a chance meeting on a night out led her to start a 'Get Michael Home' campaign on Twitter."Last night I was out in Dalston and came across a very sweet homeless man," Baker wrote on crowdfunding site Go Fund Me."We got chatting (as you do) and I offered to give him some money etc...In any event, keeping a watchful eye means I always know who is around me at any given moment.I’m never lost in a moment such that I’m oblivious to who is in front of, behind, or to my side when I walk, when I play and when I drive.

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