Paranoia dating

Not so fast, counsels Investi Date founder Maria Coder, a 35-year-old public relations manager from New York City.

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I would be of no use to him, myself or anyone else if my own mental health deteriorates.Your boyfriend may be showing signs of being too paranoid by acting selfish in the relationship, showing jealously towards your friends and family, or overreacting to an extreme level.His doubting of you and your relationship without real evidence or cause can lead to hardships in the relationship, no matter how understanding you may be.To the list of modern dating essentials — breath mints, a clean shirt, the ability to sit through a chick flick or comic book movie with minimal fuss — add the following: Do-it-yourself background checks.Such is the idea behind Investi Date, a website and series of classes that brings romance into the TSA era, teaching singles how to use public information and Internet sleuthing to vet potential romantic partners. Just met cute with the possible man or woman of your dreams?

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