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In recent times a submarine maintenance base, it was closed to foreigners until 1996.During the Crimean war of 1854-55 the British used it as their supply port for the siege of Sevastopol.All-Europe online train times Eurostar times & fares UK, EU, Swiss & US citizens no longer need a visa for stays of up to 90 days.This visa-free arrangement was introduced in 2005, but has been extended indefinitely. With the current situation in parts of Ukraine such as the Crimea, check Foreign Office travel advice at uk/foreign-travel-advice.You can climb up to the ruined fortress on the hill overlooking the harbour on one side and the Black Sea on the other."..the Valley of Death rode the six hundred..." wrote Alfred Lord Tennyson.Walking or taking a taxi the three miles inland from Balaclava town you can visit the site of the Battle of Balaclava, where the famous 'charge of the Light Brigade' took place during the Crimean war.

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It takes just 2 nights, taking Eurostar & luxurious German ICE trains from London to Berlin on day 1, the Berlin-Warszawa Express to Warsaw on day 2, then the safe & comfortable Kiev Express sleeper train from Warsaw to Kyv overnight arriving on the morning of day 3.

There's no dining-car, so take a picnic and your own supplies of wine or beer. See Tim Richards excellent blog entry about of the Kiev Express. 123 each way in a 2-bed sleeper 185 each way in a single-bed sleeper.

Ordered online through 243 zlotys (51 or 57) in a 3-bed sleeper. Booked online at 111 for a bed in a 3-berth or around 162 for a bed in a 2-berth.

Or you can now travel exclusively by fast & comfortable daytime trains with overnight stops in Berlin & Krakow. Why not spend some time in Berlin, Warsaw or Krakow on the way?

Option 1, using the Warsaw-Kiev Kiev Express - the most time-effective option...

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