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How did it feel to be starting in on this just as you were turning 26? It’s like, what would my 13 or 14-year-old self think if she knew that on my 26th birthday, I would be rehearsing with Jason Robert Brown? It was as if that girl then was saying, “Oh God, I want to talk about the show all the time,” whereas I look at her and think, “but you hadn’t had a relationship!

The thing with the movie is that they brought it up to now whereas we’re doing the original script, which is set in 1993.Weren’t you too young to know firsthand what Cathy was going through? It’s so intriguing to start in the place you would normally finish, but the beauty of Jason’s writing is in the simplicity of it.Yes, and what’s funny is I remember my heart aching without ever having had a relationship myself. And it’s a weird thing, you know, when you have a breakup and you’ve got to get to grips with all the memories, and that’s kind of how her story works.In a shock public declaration, Terri took to Twitter last week to reveal her true feelings for the Aussie actor.‘Love is not a big enough word,’ she announced in a post, before re-tweeting another one of Russell’s posts – a loved-up habit she’s always failed to hide from overjoyed fans.

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