Poor self esteem dating issues

A strong learned association similar to a phobia can develop between the affect of shame and any perception of body fat or weight gain.The origins of such a hypersensitivity to shame can be dramatic or subtle.This surge of aggression can be problematic in itself, depending on the circumstances.If it is unsafe to act on the aggressive surge, the aggression may be turned inward, forming the core of a secret angry grudge against another or against the self.Once the association between body fat and intense shame is established, it can escalate by secret repetition.Weight loss or control may be seen as a source of relief from shame; failure at weight loss another source of shame.

The second instinctive response to shame is a surge of aggression (once the danger is past) that serves as an explanation for the “pecking order” in animals or in sibling rivalry.Because beliefs concerning self image are private, internal matters, it is entirely possible to repeat to yourself over and over again a mistaken and emotionally charged assumption until it becomes a strongly held generalization, a misguided belief.A strongly held belief about something personal and dangerous is highly resistant to change.Shame plays a big role in the feelings related to food and it’s important to understand the cause in order to treat it.Read on to learn about the feelings and actions that are often involved in the development of eating disorders and what you can do to help your relationships and family cope. Why does she think that losing weight is more important than anything else, even her health?

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