Approaches to consolidating local government services

If it is not a service we provide, we would be happy to refer you to a qualified professional we believe will meet your needs.

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These compilations may be completed monthly, quarterly, or annually, and may include comparisons with prior periods.

While audits, reviews and compilations may be required by third parties and are based on the preceding period financial information they do provide useful information to management if delivered timely.

The Risk Based Audit requires a greater understanding of the client's business and more knowledge of the client's business environment than required in a traditional audit.

Whenever possible, the Risk Based Audit approach tests and relies upon the client's process for controlling risks that could affect the financial statements.

To provide greater value to our clients, Nichols, Cauley and Associates, LLC has changed its approach for conducting financial statement audits from the traditional approach to a Risk Based Audit approach.

The second goal is to assure that our clients have focused on emerging risks that may not yet be well understood or managed.Quality, Expertise, and Trust - These are the focal points for the services we provide to you our client Nichols Cauley has become a leader in our market place by providing the core accounting, financial and tax services you expect from your professional services firm.To meet the continually changing demands of the marketplace we continually invest time and resources to offer additional services to help you succeed.In our audit, review and compilation engagements we have systemized our processes to ensure you receive quality information in a timely manner.The financial statements are a useful tool in measuring your most recent results because- "What you can Measure, you can Manage".

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